Parents/guardians know that the law to protect student data, FERPA –the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act – was amended in 2011 to allow more types of student data to go out to more entities, both educational and non-educational.


Parents/guardians believe it is their right to protect their student’s data privacy.

Parents/guardians believe that school districts and state offices of education must be transparent to parents about the use of “cloud”–based housing for student data.

Parents/Guardians believe that their school district must provide notice to parents when student data is being provided to third parties, what is being provided and why.

Parents/Guardians believe they must be able to access and amend their child’s data, as FERPA provides, even when that data is in the hands of a private company/group.

Parents/Guardians believe that private companies who have been given access to student data must delete that data when it is no longer being used for a direct educational purpose for that school district and its students.

Parents/Guardians believe that contractors never own student data.

Parents/Guardians believe that student data should never be used for commercial purposes.

Parents/Guardians, knowing that child identity theft is on the rise, believe that districts must hold student data securely and any data breach, by either the school district or outside entity, must be reported to parents within 48 hours.

These are our beliefs about the privacy of data


American public school students

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