Call to Action

What YOU can do:

*Contact your local School Board and superintendent. Ask that student data privacy rise to the top of their priority list.
[For Seattle: School Board, Superintendent Jose Banda]

Sample Letter: School District and School Board

*Contact your state legislative representatives/senator and tell them of your concern.
[Here’s a link to finding Washington state legislator’s email/and phone numbers. ]

Sample Letter: Elected Official

*Contact your school’s PTA, the Regional PTSA, and your state PTA. Let them know student privacy matters to you.
[In Seattle: Seattle Council PTA President Katherine Schomer, the Washington State PTA, Heather Gillette]

*Contact your Governor.
[If you live in Washington State, let Governor Inslee know this issue matters to you.]

*Support any national legislation. Contact your senators and representatives and tell them this issue is important to you and your family.

[Senator Patty Murray , Senator Maria Cantwell , House of Representatives.]

*Opt-out of any non-state mandated school testing. Make sure your district knows you are sending a message about your child’s student data privacy.

*Write an op-ed to your local paper.
[For the Seattle Times.]

*Like our Facebook page.

*Follow us on Twitter.

*Most Important–tell other parents about this issue and this movement.